Friday, March 12, 2010

Guest Blogger: The World's Fare

This week's guest blogger, Diane at "The World's Fare," precedes her latest (and very informative) entry on the noble rutabaga with this quote from Garrison Keillor, whose enthusiasm for our favorite root vegetable is unsurpassed anywhere on the planet: 
"So many people confuse rutabagas with turnips. They're not alike at all. Rutabagas have a pleasant yellow-orange color, large friendly-looking leaves, and a smooth dense texture. Turnips are fish-belly white and purple on top like a bad bruise and have hairy leaves and taste brackish, like swamp water. Rutabagas are the root crop that any sensible person would prefer."
Garrison Keillor on "Prairie Home Companion"
Finally, ARSI takes long-delayed pleasure in announcing that The Oregonian, via Diane's blog and its own OregonLive website, has finally recognized Forest Grove as the Rutabaga Capital of the World Since 1951.

We look forward to joining Diane and The Oregonian in getting out the word on all the festivities that are planned for the International Year of the Rutabaga.

[Painting by John Cummings especially for ARSI, ©2010]


Ripsa said...

OK, I will put this site on my blogroll, thanks.

Actually better this way, other system meant that I always has to be looking for Rutabaga stuff all over the place. The painting is fine.

Teri said...

OK - I was looking for a recipe for mash ruts. Got a bunch of ideas. I cooked one bega with one shallot and then mashed with - hello- a hand held mixer - when I tasted I thought needs something - I added chipotle seasoning - FANTISTIC!!! You all need to try this!

Robin said...

FYI-The Dr. Oz show today declared the rutabaga to be 'the new potato'!
they mentioned making rutabaa fries...any recipies for this??
Props to the rutabaga!!

Gillesfinque said...

Overcook in parchment paper wrapped in foil. Slice in half, scoop out center. Add mixture of lime juice, vodka, and crushed lavender. Floss afterward.

Technical Force Team said...
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