Sunday, June 14, 2009

ARSI's 55th Anniversary!

Tuesday, June 16th, is the 55th Anniversary of ARSI's founding by Obie MacAroon, our mentor and continuing inspiration. Appropriately enough, the ARSI Board of Directors has declared June to be INTERNATIONAL RUTABAGA MONTH.

Celebrations at ARSI's headquarters complex in Forest Grove have been temporarily placed on hold due to an inexplicable lack of contact with Obie MacAroon III, President for Life, from his expedition's base camp at 16,400 ft. / 5,000 m. in the Chilean Andes.

In his last email transmission via satellite on June 2nd, President MacAroon mentioned threatening late-fall weather, including thunderstorms and high-altitude rockslides. The photograph (above) was taken the previous week during a brief clearing period.

MacAroon and his team of rutabotanists also reported progress in their search for the elusive tropical rutabaga, including an abundance of airborne rutabaga spores in the vicinity of the camp.

The Rutabagan will be updated as soon as we receive further news from the expedition in Chile.

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Anonymous said...

AP reports that your esteemed Obie MacAroon III has been taken into custody by Chilean authorities on an extradition warrant from the U.S. for tax evasion. It'll be interesting to see how he worms out of this one. Maybe "President for Life" will take on a new meaning.