Saturday, December 06, 2008

New world record: 77.9 lbs / 35.4 kg.!

A giant rutabaga grown by Norm Craven of Cannington, Ontario, Canada, has established a new
world record for a non-GMO rutabaga. Mr. Craven's rutabaga weighed in at a hefty 77.8 lbs. / 35.4 kg.

Despite ARSI's vehement protests over the years, the World Record Academy and Guinness Book of World Records will not accept weight and size records established by GMO's (genetically-modified organisms). In 2006, for example, Guinness refused to even acknowledge the existence of a 378.22 pound / 172 kg. rutabaga grown in ARSI's experimental labs on the ground that it was "genetically engineered."


Anonymous said...

So stop whining and start your own World Record compilation for GMO's! It could be like Saturday Night Live's "Drug Olympics."

Anonymous said...

Remember that giant rutabagas are prohibited under the Geneva Conventions.