Saturday, December 02, 2006

By popular demand, I now explain the two comments and responses in French and German to the December 1st posting below:

  • The comment from Karine, in French, states that she is expecting guests from diverse cultures "at our manor" over the holidays and doesn't know which wine would "best exhibit the tendencies" of the rutabaga. In my response, I recommend the 1979 Château de Corton-André (Côte de Beaune), with its "supple, round and velvety flavor." I also "dare to recommend a Polish rutabaga vodka, if you can find one (even in Poland).
  • Our German friend states, approximately, that "it is a long-established fact that rutabaga powder, when spread under the arms and in the navel, disinfects these microbe-prone areas and makes them smell fresher." I thanked him for the "fascinating information, which my navel and underarms (and spouse!)" would appreciate.
Thanks to visitors from all over the world for their contributions to The Rutabagan.

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